Transform your language learning skills in just 7 weeks!
This is not just a language course, this is something better...
- Have you been learning a language for a while but aren’t satisfied with your progress?
- Learning a language by yourself but you find it hard to keep your motivation up?  
- You aren’t as consistent in your language studied as you should be? 
- Would you like to get to know more native speakers to practice with? 

Can you relate to any of these comments?

Then keep reading...

Dear friend,

We recently asked the subscribers of our newsletter, what their biggest frustrations were when learning a foreign language.

And we were pretty surprised by your responses…

You told us that the biggest problem is not learning grammar or vocabulary. It’s also not the problem of not having enough time to study.

Some of you told us that you’ve got problems understanding native speakers, but the number one problem was actually something else.

It’s not being consistent enough...

And that makes sense.

When you start off, you’re super excited! So you get yourself a course and you study every day. But then after a few weeks, life gets busy, things get in the way and your language studies are no longer a priority.

Before you know it, you’ve missed an entire week of study, then a month, and before you realise it, you’re half a year further down the road and you haven’t made any real progress yet.

It’s just not easy to stay motivated. After a while, the excitement disappears and as the language get tricker, it’s just too easy to do something else with your time.
Before you realize it you’ve actually given up and you feel like you’ve failed. You feel bad about it.

Maybe you’re just not talented enough, right?

No worries.

I once was in the same boat.

As a college student, I couldn’t learn a language by myself. I didn’t know any native speakers and there was no one who inspired me. More importantly, I didn’t know how to learn a language.

For those of you who know my story, understand that the first foreign language that I learned for the biggest part by myself was Chinese. I was cheating a bit though, because I spend a fair amount in the country and not all of us have that opportunity.

Up until that stage, I had never learned a language at home, by myself.

Until the following happened…
The invitation that changed everything
It was at the end of 2013.

A guy that I met a few months earlier at the first ever Polyglot Conference, called me on Skype.

“Hi Jan, how are you doing? Did you see that Benny Lewis is going to learn Japanese in 3 months?’’

It was Brian Kwong.

Like myself, Brian was a loyal follower of Benny’s blog - Fluent in 3 Months.
Benny traveled the world for more than a decade and every time he moved to another country, he learned the local language.

“You know what Jan, shall we also try to learn Japanese in 3 months? Let’s see how much we can learn’’ Brian said.

I already spoke Chinese at the time, so why not learn some Japanese?
I’m in’’ I said.

“But you know what Jan? Let’s invite more people for this challenge. I will shoot a video where I announce this project and I will ask others to join us and learn a new language in the next 3 months.’’

Brian took it seriously. He only had a small following on YouTube back in the day but a few days after he announced his project, more than 100 people signed up!

Three months later we all had to upload a video where we spoke the language that we learned for this challenge.

The results were amazing.

Now you might think, why are you sharing this story?
Well, I think there is a lesson to be learned here.

As you probably might have experienced, learning a language on your own can be extremely difficult.

But, learning a new language in a group with:

- Like-minded people
- People who support you
- Native speakers who can help you out
- And keep each other accountable… much easier, and much more fun!

It was only after this experience that I figured out how I could learn languages by myself and become a independent language learner and eventually, a polyglot.

Imagine being able to learn any language you want, by yourself. How would it impact your life?

Now Lucas and I want to help you to make a breakthrough in your language learning as well. Not just by organizing a challenge, but by offering a programme more complete and more powerful.

We’ve called it:

The Language Gym for serious, independent language learners
In our gym, other like-minded participants will help you to transform your language skills in 7 weeks. You tell us what your learning goals are and how many hours per week you want to study.

We will help you to create a study plan and we will help you to find the resources that fit your level and learning goal.

In our language gym, you will study a language by yourself, but with we will there to guide you.

We will give you weekly tasks. We also carry out accountability checks to make sure that you’re sticking to your language workout.

On top of that you will get access to our supportive community of fellow students who can help you with any problems you might face.

In our community, you will also be able to connect with native speakers to practice your target language and create friendships with people from all over the world!

You can ask Lucas and Jan any questions you might have and we will answer your questions in weekly live online Hangouts where you can join us.

Who is it for?
The academy has been designed for:

- Everyone aged between 16 and 90 years old.
- People from different backgrounds, we’ve helped students from the USA to Russia.
- People who are serious about learning another language!
All languages for all levels
What languages can I learn?

The LanguageBoost Gym is the place to learn many languages!
No matter if you want to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Polish, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, or another language, the LanguageBoost Academy is the place to be.

We have studied all of the languages just mentioned, so we know what we are dealing with.

Does the level I am at matter?

Nope. The LanguageBoost Gym is suitable for all levels. We can help you if you want to learn a brand new language from scratch, but also if you’ve been learning for a while but you feel like you’re stuck at a certain level.

Our academy is only for people who are serious about language learning. We are looking for those who are willing to put in the work. Effective methods are helpful but in order to become really good at a language you need to put in time and effort.

In order to make sure the that our community maintains high quality, we can only accept you if you’re willing to put in the work and if you’re open to helping others.

But WAIT, who are you guys?
Who exactly are you guys and what do you know about learning languages?

Well, Lucas and I have dedicated the last ten years of our lives to learning foreign languages and we’ve tested all the major courses and methods.

Not only have we learned many foreign languages for fun, we’ve also lived in many different countries where we had to speak multiple languages on a daily basis. We designed this course for people who want to speak a foreign language in the real world, not just to pass an exam.

This language learning journey has brought Jan to over 100 countries and I’ve learned over 10 languages. Lucas speaks even more languages than Jan.

Over the years we’ve also interviewed many of the world's most accomplished language learners. We’ve learned what works and implemented it in our own methodology.

We also regularly speak at language events all over the world. We don’t just give these talks in English. Below you can see Lucas giving a presentation in Russian, in various cities in Russia, and even in Kyrgyzstan.

Helping people from all over the world to learn foreign languages is what makes us feel alive.

The LanguageBoost Masterclass in Kazan, Russia.
Lucas giving a presentation in Samara, Russia.
Lucas' ''speak in 21 hours'' seminar in Kyrgyzstan.
Does it really work?
Can you really learn a language by yourself? Recently we did a 50 day Flashcard Challenge and this is what the participants said:
What will you get?
Accountability sheet + checks

We carry out regular accountability checks. We’ll keep track of your study activities to keep you accountable. Remember, the key to success in language learning is consistency.

Resource selection

We help you to select the best learning materials that fit your level and your learning goals. This way we make sure that you don’t waste any time and energy on ineffective resources.

Help creating a study plan

When should I study and what should I do? When you join our programme, we’ll help you to set up a study schedule that works for you. We will also recommend you to undertake certain activities. This helps you to become a systematic learner and focus on the activities that matter.

Access to our community with like-minded people

You will get access to our community in our Facebook group. Follow what other students are doing, socialize with fellow students from all over the world and share your progress! Are you facing any challenges with your target language? Our community will be happy to help you out!

Exchange partner matchmaking 

Your fellow students are from all over the world. That means that there is a big chance that there’s someone in the group who speaks your target language. We’ll introduce you guys to each other so that you can help each other out and maybe even practice your speaking skills!

Talking to native speakers is not only good for your language skills but it’s also highly motivational!

Live webinars

Every week Jan and Lucas hold a live hangout where we answer all your questions. You will have the opportunity to join us in the call and interact with us and other students personally.

Competition, with prizes!

Do you really want to become a language star and an example for the rest of our students?  Join our competition by sharing your progress and win some of our LanguageBoost courses for your next learning mission!  

What makes this programme unique?
Good question!

- Everything you need to make your language learning journey a success!

This programme is not a language course. Instead, we’re facilitating everything you need to make your language learning journey a success.

- Study your own way

You study as much as you want, whenever it suits you, with resources that you like and you set your own learning goals.

- Become a learning machine

The best polyglots are in charge of their own learning. In this programme, you don’t simply transform your language skills, you actually learn how to learn languages by yourself, in the most effective way that works for you.

Once you’ve gained this unique skill, you will be able to conquer whatever language you want and the world will be yours.

- Meet people from all over the world, expand your borders!

We’re offering an international, motivational learning environment that you won’t find anywhere else.

- Exclusive full guidance

The LanguageBoost Gym is the only place where you get full guidance from trainers (Jan and Lucas) who really understand the challenges of learning your target language no matter if you’re learning Spanish, German, Russian or Chinese.

We speak over 20 languages combined and have created courses for over 15 languages! Unlike most course creators, we have created these courses ourselves.

We really understand what it is like to learn these languages and how to help you out in the best possible way.

Join the LanguageBoost GYM!
7-week Transformational Program 
One time payment
  • Motivation, Accountability and Guidance
  • Accountability sheet
  • Resource selection
  • Help with your study plan
  • Access to our community with like-minded people
  • Exchange partner matchmaking 
  • Live webinars
  • Competition, with prizes!
We’re starting on March 4th, 2019. If you don’t sign up on time, you will have to wait a few months as we only open this program a few times per year.
Spots are limited. The earlier you sign up, the more chance there is that we accept you.
Money-back guarantee
We only want people to join us who can actually benefit from this programme. If you put in the work, and for any reason you’re not satisfied with our programme, let us know within 30 days and we will give you a full refund!

Any other questions?
Mail us at info[at]

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